What is Software Testing?
Title: What is Software Testing?
ISBN: 9781624886959
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‘What is Software Testing?’ is our NEW book for the ISTQB Foundation Certification and Companion Guide for Software Testers covering:

  • The key concepts of the 7 Testing Principles
  • System Testing VS Acceptance Testing
  • Whitebox and Blackbox Techniques to make your testing effort more efficient
  • AND with fantastic examples and humour to make your learning easy.

Amazon.com customer review“Really good introduction to software testing. The book explains testing concepts using words and examples that are easy to understand for those who are not familiar with the language of testing. Great for a beginner or someone experienced who has to explain testing to the un-indoctrinated…”

Are you finding the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus difficult to read and understand? Then we think this is the book that will help you. We’ve spent alot of time and thought going through the Syllabus and distilling it into it’s key concepts and lessons, so why waste your time and energy when you can get this easy to read book for a great price.

Embarking on a testing career or looking to freshen your understanding on key concepts and learn some cool tricks? This short book has been written as a companion guide for those who are an embarking on a testing career and for those that have been in the IT industry for a while but are looking to freshen up their understanding of the basic concepts and learn some cool tricks to make their testing more efficient.

We believe that everyone is a tester so with that thought we believe that anyone in the IT industry will find this as a valuable reference point for improving the product quality of their software.



“Chapter 2 – What is Testing?”
Many people think that testing is just about finding bugs, and maybe about giving developers’ headaches (those poor developers). But as we’ve mentioned before, there’s much more to testing than uncovering those creepy-crawlies. Read more.
“Chapter 3 – The 7 testing principles, this is important”
“…1. Testing shows presence of defects – The failure of a test indicates the presence of a defect related to that test. However, the success of one or more tests doesn’t mean that the software you’re testing doesn’t have defects in other areas, any more than testing if one piece of meat on the barbecue is done can guarantee that they’re all done. Although testing reduces the probability of undiscovered defects remaining in the software, it does not offer a proof of correctness for the software because not all possible features and uses of the software are tested…”
“Chapter 15 – Black Box Testing Techniques”
“…Black-Box testing is about relying on the software specifications in order to write your tests. The idea is that you don’t have to know what’s going on under the hood of the program; you just try and see that it to works. It’s also useful in evaluating how end users will approach the software. Here are some specific testing techniques that fall under Black-Box testing…”

ISTQB – Foundation Certification

This book’s content is based on the ISTQB Foundation Certification. The ISTQB Foundation Certification is an international certification standard for software testers. If you are studying for the ISTQB Foundation Certification Exam we believe this book will help you pick up on the basic concepts far easier than if you tried to read the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus on its own.

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