Agile Software Testing with James Bach

James Bach is seen as one the key Thought Leaders in the Software Industry and is one very interesting guy to listen to. In this insightful video he discusses Agile Software Testing.

Agile Software Testing

“Agile development recognises that testing is not a separate phase, but an integral part of software development, along with coding. Agile teams use a “whole-team” approach to “baking quality in” to the software product. Testers on agile teams lend their expertise in eliciting examples of desired behaviour from customers, collaborating with the development team to turn those into executable specifications that guide coding. Testing and coding are done incrementally and iteratively, building up each feature until it provides enough value to release to production. Agile testing covers all types of testing. The Agile Testing Quadrants provide a helpful taxonomy to help teams identify and plan the testing needed.” –

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